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Ryszard Tuz
98 - 430 Bolesławiec, Chró¶cin 2
gm. Bolesławiec , woj. łódzkie
tel: +48 (62) 783 64 76 tel. kom: +48 601 153 765 
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"Chró¶cin is set in the wood at the river Prosna.
It offers 34 accomodatidn for the night, (14-double rooms and 2-rooms for three people) comfortably equipped. Furthermore there are 40-places in one huge building called "COW SHED". Moreover there is a hall "SHED" where discos and many other inside activities take place.

The host offers a wide variety of entertainment: horse-riding, chaise-riding, sledging, camp-fires. In the nearest area there are many monuments. We have also German and English interpretors.
150 meters from the farm is river Prosna where you can go fishing.

When you decide to go to Chró¶cin you will be very close to nature especially to animals: horses, cows, pigs, goats, fruit, dogs, cats, chickens, gooses, ducks.
We give horse-riding lessons and we have our own vehicle to transport 50 turists. The specjality of our kitchen are for example: crow's nest, patatoes with curd cheese and smoke-house.


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